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Welcome to Mill Pond Village of Lansing!

If you're new to the Lansing area and are looking for an affordable home or are interested in moving your current manufactured home to Mill Pond Village, our charming community offers some of the most sought after amenities while being conveniently located. With our friendly residents, helpful staff, and planned community events that occur each month, you'll feel right at home in no time at Mill Pond Village.

On the fence about living in a manufactured home instead of renting an apartment? Owning a manufactured home gives you a higher degree of control over your space since you're the owner. Painting your walls, installing new fixtures, and making other improvements to express your unique style can increase the value of the home. Make these same adjustments in an apartment however, and you risk your landlord withholding a portion of your security deposit.

Are you accustomed to owning your own home and aren't sure if living in a manufactured home is the right choice? Manufactured homes actually cost 10 to 35% less than site-built homes, without sacrificing quality. Today's manufactured homes range in size from 1,000 to over 2,400 square feet, and come with a limitless number of options. Luxuries such as modern kitchens & appliances, wood burning fireplaces, and whirlpools that used to only be found in site-built homes, are all available in manufactured homes for less money.

We encourage you to visit our community today to see why Mill Pond Village is the next place you'll call home.



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